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    Rất hay ! Training TrainSignal Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator 70 - 646 (DVD1+2=7Gb)

    Video Training | TrainSignal Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator 70 - 646
    2 DVD ISO | 7Gb

    Over 15 Hours of Server 2008 Training Teaches You
    Server Administration, Read Only Domain Controllers,
    Server 2008 Server Core, Virtualization and Much More!
    Plus, Complete MCITP: 70-646 Exam Coverage!

    A word from Ed Leiberman
    (MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCDST, MCT, MCTS, MCITP, A+, Network+, Server+)

    If you want to develop hands-on experience in Server Administration for Windows Server 2008 and prepare for the 70-646 MCITP exam, then this course is for you! Whether you are looking to install, deploy, delegate, update, or secure your Windows Server 2008 computers, this course will guide you into becoming a highly qualified server administrator.

    We are so excited in announcing this long awaited course in our Windows Server 2008 series. If you’ve got Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, and Network Infrastructure under your belt, our Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator course is the last stop toward achieving your MCITP: Server Administrator certification.

    Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator Training
    Course FAQs
    "What skills or knowledge do I need before starting this course?"

    You should have a basic understanding of how to navigate Windows Server 2008.
    "Do I need any special equipment to complete this training course?"

    NO All you need is a computer with Internet Explorer and a media player; however, working hands-on with a Windows Server 2008 computer may enhance your training experience.
    "Is this course part of any Microsoft certification track?"

    Yes! This course will help you prepare for the 70-646 Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator exam. After passing the 70-640 & 70-642 exams, the 70-646 exam will complete your MCITP Server Administrator certification.
    Download free mediafire,hotfile,megaupload,rapidshare Training TrainSignal Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator 70 - 646 (DVD1+2=7Gb)

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    sao k thấy link admin ơi


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