Not like blogs, news and magazine websites are focused a lot more on journalism, news stories, or other reporting rather than hobbies and personal interests.
To be specific, there are a few differences between news websites and entertainment websites. The main purpose of news sites is to keep the reader stay updated on current affairs, whereas online magazines focus more on entertainment. CNN and ELLE are examples of news websites and entertainment websites, respectively.
Similar to some other different types of websites and their uses, these types of websites make their income either through advertisements showing up on the sites, or through subscription models, or even some combination of these two. Of course, the content and information on news and magazine websites are regularly updated.
Educational websites
The fifth one in the list of 5 different types of websites and their uses we want to introduce to you here are educational websites. They are types of websites that use any combination of articles, writings, videos, games, and images to educate their audience.
Well, websites of schools and educational institutions as well as websites providing their users with online courses all fall into this category. The major goal of these websites is to supply useful educational materials to the visitors or to give them the necessary information on an educational institution and its courses.
As mentioned before, there are a lot of different types of websites out there. Together with the ones listed above, social media websites, non-profit websites, crowdfunding websites, photo sharing websites, etc are also quite common types of websites to use.
Recently, we have learned about some different types of websites and their uses. They are all basic types that you found so common, right? Well, that’s all for today’s article. Hope that this writing and its information was interesting and useful to you.