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    Giúp vượt qua lỗi inodes của stable host

    Em có trang web cùi bắp .
    Nay nó chết không hiểu nguyên nhân
    Gửi email - Thằng stablehost nó chặn - không cho chat
    Nó gửi cho em một email thế này
    bác giúp em với
    Your account was found hosting around 8,000,000 inodes when the limit is 250,000 for shared hosting accounts. Each inode is equal to 1 file, so that will be 8M files in your account.

    Additionally to this it was using about 650GB of space full of files that probably will be subject of DMCA complaints or if not, this is the incorrect platform to do it.

    For the type of website you need to run you would need at least 1 dedicated server.

    Unfortunately and given the size of the account we're unable to provide any backups as we consider that content breaking our terms of service and we have the right to remove it from our infrastructure to avoid any damage to your server's neighborhood.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

    Bác nào đã qua lỗi này, chỉ bảo giúp em
    Em xin cảm ơn các bác.
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    Có cách nào vào di chuyển dữ liệu ko, chuyển ra vps mà dùng

    Liên hệ skype mình để giúp nếu cần
    Nhận chống DDoS cho WEBSITE! - Skype: voduy13


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