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    TPHCM_Tuyển dụng làm gameonline cho developer Flash

    Hiện tại team mình cần tuyển 2 dev với các yêu cầu và mục tiêu bên dưới. Team của mình đang làm việc với nhiều dự án và cần thêm anh em tâm huyết. Nếu các bạn cảm thấy hứng thú và có khả năng hãy liên hệ .
    Làm việc tại Bình thạnh -TPHCM nha các bạn ^_^
    Why you should join with us?
    - You want to work on a real product, in touch with real user
    - You want to put your work in hand of thousands of users and receive instant feedback
    - You want to work in big projects
    - You don't want to be managed
    - You want to have your own working schedule
    - You want to work from anywhere
    - You want to keep challenging yourself
    - You want to learn something new everyday
    Why you should NOT join with us?
    - You must be pushed to complete something
    - You must have health insurance, social insurance and PIT
    - You go nowhere when working alone
    - You think about money more than your work
    Who we are looking for?
    - The one who has self discipline
    - The one we can cooperate
    - The one who strives for perfection
    - The one who has excellent programming skills
    - The one who has knowledge in Flash/ActionScript or Unity3D/C# or Grails/Groovy/Java
    What we do?
    - We create games, especially 2D multiplayer games
    - We have a famous game in French
    - We want to create 10 more games in near future
    - We want to become the biggest game publisher in France
    - We want to setup a development house in Vietnam
    Who we are?
    - We are French and Vietnamese guys
    - We live in French, Brazil and Vietnam
    How about salary anyway?
    - We are really flexible in this area
    - We pay for what we think you're deserved. More or less than you expected.
    How can you contact us?
    - Name: Hoang Dang
    - Email: htbn.hoang@gmail.com

    So, if you want to be on board, please let me know:
    - Who are you?
    - What are you passionate about?
    - Why should we hire you?
    Được sửa bởi railoveangel lúc 10:38 ngày 12-06-2014
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