View Full Version : RapidLeech v2 rev.40 with latest plugins

21-06-2009, 20:06
RapidLeech v2 rev.40 with latest plugins


Rev. 40 - :: LATEST ::
[FEATURE] Added server side auto download capability.
[CHANGE] Removed the
tag when files aren't present and made some html corrections thanks to DanielX_x
[FIX #0000031] Fixed bytesToKbOrMbOrGb gives warning when filesize is 0 (Reported by DanielX_x)
[FIX] Fixed most of the plugin so that it will work with the new auto transload system.
[CHANGE] The way depositfiles and easyshare premium plugin created was quite incorrect, it should be together with the free user plugin and be able to accept premium details from $_POST and in config.php
[FIX] Added a missing configuration parameter
[FIX] Fixed rapidshare plugin problem when auto transload
[FIX] Fixed unable to use premium account in auto transload.
[FIX] Fixed netload premium download plugin
Fixed a bug which was fixed previously actually but just replaced by the new version of auto upload.
[CHANGE] Moved download plugin files into separate download/ folder in hosts/ directory
[FEATURE] Updated to latest auto upload script.
[SECURITY] Patched up a hole which was reported by BKiS long ago and should have been fixed but wasn't include in the previous release.