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25-03-2009, 07:04
jSharing is the first one have this. Thank you all.

The ZOO extension is a very versatile catalog system for Joomla which allows you to create different catalogs for all purposes. It comes with a comprehensive content construction kit (CCK) which gives you the ability to create your very own custom content types.
Unlimited Catalogs
Create different catalogs for all purposes with a single ZOO installation.

Nested Categories
Easy manageable categories with a multi-level hierarchy with unlimited depth.

Multi-mapped Items
Content items can be assigned to multiple categories and catalogs.

Templates and Styles
Each catalog can have its own individual design and layout - quick and easy to style.

Custom Types
Build custom types with unlimited combinations of elements. Anything is imaginable!

Pluggable Elements
We provide a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.





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