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22-03-2003, 08:06
1- Start out by making a new 400x400 image. Using your color picker choose blue tones. I used an RGB of R0 G51 B222 for the main text and R31 G82 B255 for the lighter blue color. I also used the "arsis" font at a 400 size. Make your text (the aqua technique works best when you do one letter at a time at a large size).


2- Now Ctrl+Click on your text layer to select it, and make a new layer above it. Go to select/modify/contract and use a value of 5. With the selection still active fill the layer with the lighter blue color (name this layer multiply). Now hit Ctrl+D to deselect the layer and then drag this layer into the create new layer box http://viet-germany.net/tut/aqua_gel/2_1.gif

3- Now make sure you are working on your gel layer and it is NOT selected and go to Filter/Blur/Guassian Blur and use a value of 5. Now go to layer/effects/bevel and emboss and use the following settings :
<p align="center">Highlight:
Mode: Normal with white as your color
Opacity: 100%

Mode: Color Dodge with white as your color
Opacity: 40%

Style: Emboss
Angle: 120
_UP: Checked </p>

It must be look like this:

4- While still on the gel layer now go to Image/Adjust/Curves and use a similar method as I have here.


5- Now go back to your multiply layer and change the layer mode to multiply. Go back to your original text layer and add a dark blue drop shadow and now you have that famous aqua text look.

:good: B) enjoy it