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    * Life in the city
    * Living in a multiracial community
    * Tell about a visit to a famous city
    * Talk about Modern inventions
    * Talk about an adventure in a forest
    * Talk about an unusual opportunity you had
    * Talk about the value of libraries
    * Talk about a horrible sight you experienced.
    * Discuss the part that money plays in our live
    * Discuss science and its effects.
    * Talk about the rights and duties of a citizen
    * The most important day in my life
    * Talk about the subject you consider most important
    * Talk about an incident you will never forget.
    * The value of music in the happiness of man
    * Talk about the advantages and divantages of the cinema
    * Describe some of the interesting places in your country
    * what career would you like to choose after leaving school?
    * Why is agriculture important in the world of today?
    * Talk about A heroic deed.
    * Talk about crimes in society
    * Talk about a mysterious thing
    * Talk about the importance of agriculture
    * Travel is a means of education
    * Talk about a journey by train
    * "News travels fast". Discuss
    * Talk about world trade.
    * Talk about a narrow escape
    * Talk about the country you would like to visit.
    * Talk about good manners
    * Talk about a visit to a zoo.
    * Talk about the importance of newspaper
    * Talk about the things you like most.
    * My hobby
    * The importance of examinations
    * Talk about your days in hospital
    * Talk about a frightening experience
    * “Fire is a good servant, but a bad master”. Discuss.
    * Talk about an accident I have witnessed
    * Talk about the importance of good roads in a country
    * Talk about life in the village
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